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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Parcelbound in a tightly wrapped FAQ package!


Dimensional weight is the weight that is calculated based on the length, width, and height of the box.  Shipping carriers use the dimensional weight to accurately charge shipping costs for boxes that are over-sized.

Depending on the shipping carrier a dim factor of anywhere between 139 - 200 is usually used to calculate this dimensional weight.  Here is an example of how this would be calculated if the dim factor was 139.

Box dimensions ( L x W x H):  14 in x 12 in x 10 in = 1,680

1,680 / 139 = 12.1

So in this example the dimensional weight of this box would be 13 lbs; since shipping carriers always round up to the nearest pound.

The shipping rates that are listed on Parcelbound do not include any customs or duty taxes. 

Depending on your country there may be an additional charges that are due once the shipment arrives; please check with your custom's office to learn more about fees that may be charged on any imports.

We use a variety of different shipping carriers like DHL, USPS, FedEx, and other methods of shipment that we have built over time within our shipping network.

When selecting which shipping carrier to use;  the Parcelbound website takes into consideration each shipping carrier's delivery times & price, and we select the best preferred shipping carrier to use for each of your shipments.

You can visit our shipping methods page to see our current shipping carriers.

You can view our international shipping rates by using our custom built shipping calculator that will tell show you Parcelbound's shipping prices.

You simply have to first select the country where the shipment will be sent to.  Once you select the country, simply enter in the weight and dimensions of the shipment; which will then show you what the shipping costs will be.

The consolidation service is only offered to our Platinum members!

Depending on what type of shipping schedule (e.g. hold, weekly, every two weeks, monthly, automatic) you set; we take all the items that have arrived during this time and consolidate these items into as few boxes as possible.   We try to get these items to all fit in to one box, but if this is not possible we will use a multiple boxes.

Note:  After boxes have been consolidated, they can no longer be consolidated again!

We receive a high volume of packages throughout the day; depending on the number of parcels we receive there may be a delay in your parcel being checked-in to our system/warehouse.

Delays in sorting your package can also occur if all the information we require and that must be listed on your shipping address is missing, so please make sure to always include the following on all packages sent to your Parcelbound USA shipping address.  You can see what your Parcelbound USA shipping address is from under your account.

  • The "PB-[issued suite #] Parcelbound" text shown on the shipping address
    • For example, "PB-Z12345 Parcelbound"

NOTE:  If a package is missing/damaged, we are NOT eligible to submit a claim with our insurance company if any of the above information that is required is missing from the "shipping address", so make sure before placing any orders online that all the information in bold above is included within your shipping address.

However, if the above information is included on your packages; please note that your parcel is secure in our warehouse, but just has not been sorted/processed through our check-in department yet and is eligible for an insurance claim if the package is missing/damaged.

When we consolidate items we always strive to get all items into 1 box; however there are circumstances when dealing with oversize items or other scenarios where it is not feasible to get all items into 1 large box.

The consolidation will be done based on getting as many items into as few boxes as possible; which could mean that there can still be multiple boxes after the consolidation process.

If you believe a package weight or dimensions are incorrectly listed under your account, you can submit an "Other" special request by clicking the bell icon image for this package and write a note that you would like the package re-checked.   

We will then re-measure and re-weigh this package, and if it is found that the incorrect weight or dimensions were entered we will issue you a refund on your special request fee 

Note: Take into consideration, that the package weight and dimensions are always rounded up to the nearest whole number.  The reason for this is because our shipping carriers round up to the nearest whole number and it is the value we are invoiced at. 

For example, if a package weighs 6.2 lbs it would be rounded up to 7 lbs and if the dimensions are 14.4 x 9.8 x 4.1 In it will be rounded up to 15 x 10 x 5 In.

No, sorry we do NOT offer shipping services for rental membership service websites like Netflix, Blockbuster, Gamefly.

Due to the complexity of having to ship and then send back each media item this is a service that is something that we do not offer.

A shipment is considered oversized when it is either over 150 lbs or has a length over 48 inches. 

If a shipment meets this criteria a $50 oversize service fee will be applied to your shipment.

As a Platinum member, if you use your Ship Selected button to send multiple packages to be consolidated; as long as your consolidation request has not been processed, you can simply cancel your consolidation request and wait until your new packages arrive and then resubmit a new Ship Selected button consolidation request.

Note: However, once multiple shipments have been consolidated you can no longer re-consolidate this shipment with new shipments because the shipment has already begun to be processed.

With shipping carriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS we are not able to ship to PO Box addresses; please update your international address book to have a valid street address where shipments can be sent to.

Depending on the shipping carrier you select you will be able to see if shipping insurance is offered by that shipping carrier under your account and also on the international shipping calculator page.  Most of the time shipping insurance is available, however, for shipping carriers that don't offer insurance we recommend not shipping high value items with these types of shipping carriers.

If shipping insurance is offered; we insure all items up to $100 USD for FREE.  However, if the total declared value of the shipment is greater than $100 USD we charge customers $1.50 USD for each additional $100 USD of coverage.

Please note items will only be insured based on what the total declared value of the shipment is!

Customers who belong to our "Silver" membership plan can submit a shipment request for each box they have listed under their My Inventory account page.  

If you would like to be able to consolidate boxes into as few boxes as possible you can upgrade your account to our "Platinum" membership plan by going under your "My Settings > Membership Plan" account page. 

Customers who belong to our "Platinum" membership plan have complete control over their "shipping schedule", and can set their account to process shipments Weekly, Every Two Weeks, Monthly, or even HOLD shipments to allow them to wait for future shipments to arrive and then submit a consolidation ship request.

Under your "Shipping Options" account page you have full control on what shipping carrier you would like to use on all future shipments, you can enable/disable insurance on all shipments, your shipping schedule, and other valuable shipping options you can control.




No, the service we provide is to mainly ship packages internationally. 

Shipping to other existing USA shipping addresses is not allowed, with the only exception being, if we are NOT able to ship the package/item you purchased due to the item being prohibited from being shipped internationally.  This policy also applies to sending packages to any competitor USA shipping address as well.

If you already have an existing USA shipping address that you can use, that being your own or one belonging to a friend/family/etc, all shipments should be sent directly to this USA shipping address instead of your Parcelbound issued USA shipping address.  

If you do not want to ship your package internationally, then we will ONLY return the package back to the seller you purchased the item from.  If a "pre-paid" return shipping label or QR code is provided by the seller we charge a "return fee" per each package that needs to be returned, this fee varies depending on the membership plan you are under.  


Yes, if the seller still allows you to return your package for a refund we can process this return for you.  We have made the return process easier to complete, next to the package you will like to return click on the "bell" icon and you will see a "Return to Sender" special request that you can select to start the return process.  You will have the following two options that you would be able to select from.

I have a "pre-paid" return shipping label:

If the seller provides you with a "pre-paid" return shipping label, we charge a special request "return to sender" fee that varies depending what membership plan you are under.  You can see what this fee is by going to our membership plans page. 

The seller does NOT provide a "pre-paid" return shipping label: 

If the seller does NOT provide you with a "pre-paid" return shipping label, then you can simply submit a shipment request to the USA address that the seller provides you with.  You will not be charged a special request "return to sender" fee for this since you will need to pay for the return shipping costs to ship this back to the seller.


If the items your ordered are prohibited from being shipped internationally you have the following options you can use for this.

Option # 1:

If the USA seller allows you to return this item we can simply return this item back to the USA seller, read more details about this process in this "return to seller" link. 

Option # 2: 

We can ship these items to a different USA adddress.

Option # 3: 

We can discard these items from your account.

Yes, if there is any request that is made outside of the current listed services we offer, customers will incur a $7.00 USD "special request" fee charge.

Each special request varies, so this only applies if we are able to complete the special request that is made successfully.  If we are not able to do the special request then your account will not be charged.

Regardless if an item was given as a gift or a warranty replacement item that you did not get charged for, the most accurate value should be listed for the item on the customs declaration form. 

The reason for this is, if your shipment is eligible for an insurance claim and your shipment is lost/damaged, the amount listed on the customs declaration form is what your insurance claim will be based on.  Customers should always list what the value of the item is worth, regardless if the item was given as a gift or was given at no charge due to a warranty replacement or any other reason.


No, unfortunately Parcelbound does not allow the shipping of packages to any competitor or other package forwarding company addresses.  Based on our experience, this has always lead to fraudulent activity from the customer and we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to fraudulent activity.   

If customers want to use a competitor or other package forwarding company, packages should be shipped directly from the merchant to the competitor or package forwarding company address.  

Shipping jewelry and precious stones are restricted to some countries and only insurable up to a maximum of $500.00 USD.  Any jewelry or precious stones that has a value over $500.00 USD will be uninsured and the customer assumes all risk of loss above these limits.

All packages that are received should be shipped with a tracking number this way we can confirm that the package was successfully delivered to Parcelbound and it will give us the option to open a trace with the shipping carrier if the package is lost or missing.  If the seller provides shipping without a tracking number, we recommend that you contact the seller and see if they offer a shipping method that offers a tracking number.

Without a tracking number we are not able to submit a claim with our insurance company for any lost or missing package because there is no confirmation that the package was actually delivered successfully to our warehouse.

There could be various reasons why a shipment is returned back to our warehouse.  If the reason the shipment was returned back to our warehouse, was due to a mistake that we made, we will not charge you to ship the package back out again.  


However, if the reason the shipment was returned back to us is due to an issue with the customs declaration not being filled out appropriately, we would not be able to issue a refund for the shipment.  The reason being is after a shipment has been picked up and scanned by the shipping carrier they charge us for the shipping costs, regardless if they send the package back to our warehouse. 


This is why it is very important that customers fill out customs declarations with detailed and accurate information regarding the item names, item descriptions, quantity, item values, country of origin, and lithium battery information.

No, storage fees are charged based on existing checked in packages that are over the "free storage period" allowed for that package.  To avoid storage fees, a shipment or consolidation request should be submitted for packages that are incurring storage fee charges. 


Customers should not wait on packages that have not been checked in yet to their account to submit a shipment or consolidation request, if incurring storage fees on existing packages.  There can always be delays in checking in packages and scenarios where a package can be lost.