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Personal Shopper

USA website store won't accept your credit card order? Use our 'personal shopper' service and Parcelbound's top rated American shopping team will purchase the order for you!

When to use the "Personal Shopper" service:

A USA website store won't accept your international credit card

Don't want to go through the hassle of placing orders on USA store websites

Auction seller that only accepts PayPal or USA billing addres

Using the "Personal Shopper" service is easy!

1. Place items into shopping cart

Log in to your account, and add the items you would like to order into your shopping cart. You can place items from U.S. websites or auctions sites into your shopping cart.

2. Go through the checkout process

Next you will go through the checkout process like you would normally do with any ecommerce shopping website. After going through this process you will submit your "personal shopper" order and an email will be sent letting you know your order was received successfully.

3. The best USA personal shoppers at your service

At this point, Parcelbound's top rated personal shopper American team will take care of your order and update any estimate prices to the exactpricing that we were charged. A "personal shopper fee" will also be included in this order; which is usually 10% or a $10 USD minimum on the total order amount.

4. Your personal shopper order is checked-in to Parcelbound's warehouse and dispatched to your international mailing address.

Once your "personal shopper" order arrives it will be checked-in to our system, and prepared for dispatch to your international mail door step.