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Excellent service! Easy to use, prompt, and affordable. What else do need from a courier? Will definitely use this company again when I need something delivered.

Mary Knoll (2018-08-15| Australia)

Never had any major problems using this service for an occasional same day delivery. For envelopes or small packages, always reliable. For larger items, sometimes their timed service just barely makes it within the time frame. They were friendly and professional and I would definitely recommend their services!!

Cristine (2018-08-09| Poland)

These guys are awesome! They went above and beyond to help us send supplies, and they're all very friendly. It was a huge breath of fresh air after a stressful day. I would highly recommend Parcelbound to everyone.

Emma Jacobs (2018-07-31| Belgium)

5 stars! because that's exactly how many of my packages were successfully delivered. I recommend Parcelbound for Great and efficient service!

Nikki Brown (2018-07-22| Australia)
United States

Great job. Great price. These guys were efficient and punctual and thankfully I was completely ready for them which is key for getting your money's worth. Excellent Parcelbound! Use them. They're great.

claire james (2018-07-10| United States)

Great service! - It was less than a week to deliver to Tasmania Australia - I was stunned! The website is also easy to navigate. I will certainly be using Parcelbound again and have already let my friends know about Parcelbound.

Vanessa Wong (2018-06-28| Australia)

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