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Brilliant service to shop in the US. is by far the superior service. I would like to comment one of Parcelbound Representative Jason, who had to render excellent service in an insurance claim for damaged goods. And their staff was very helpful to answer all my queries., thumbs up & highly recommended!

Roy (2018-02-07| Barbados)

Parcelbound is great to use when shopping online sites from the US that only take US citizens, like Poshmark. Have gotten a lot of stuff and it costs so much less in shipping when you consolidate the packages. I'm very pleased!

Caroline (2018-01-25| Sweden)
East Timor

So professional, efficient and easy. I am extremely impressed. I was fully informed of parcels progress all the time. Nicely done, and, thank you.

Eshmael (2018-01-22| East Timor)

"Hello, is a cool service. The Archery in Germany is not so popularly as in the US. And the special accessories and tools for compound bows are available in the US. With this service, I have the possibility to buy this stuff in US and then forward to my home address in Germany. Realy cool ;) This portal I have shown my co-worker. He is surprised that there is such a service. Thanks, Parcelbound!

Phil (2018-01-10| Germany)

It finally allows me to get amazing things to Australia for a reasonable price! And they always get it to me quickly! Bon Voyage! Parcelbound!

Make My Mural (2017-12-25| Australia)

Parcelbound is filling a dire need in the market - thank you Parcelbound for opening the world for us to shop in! Shop the world, and receive without the fuss-whirl!

BSFF (2017-12-13| Jersey)

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