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The main reason I use Parcelbound is to avoid surprises with customs costs. Its consistently cheaper to use Parcelbound pre-paid customs processing/taxes than DHL, UPS, FedEx or any other shipper post-paid services. It's more expensive than USPS but it's much, much faster.

James K. Ault (2017-12-06| Norway)
United Kingdom

Really quick delivery from the U.S. to the U.K. with no problems. Would definitely use Parcelbound again if ever I need to.

Ana (2017-11-29| United Kingdom)

Just received my parcel from you! Amazingly quick delivery from the USA! Shipped on Friday here today :) 3 working days! Thanks so much, Parcelbound!

Kevin (2017-11-21| Mexico)

I will definitely use this service again. I highly recommend Parcelbound for all users, definitely those living in Australia. They really do a great job at what they are doing. Thanks.

SFI (2017-11-12| Australia)

Thank you Parcelbound for this very fast service. Very good work :)

iDC (2017-11-06| Ukraine)

I have to say thank you Parcelbound! 2 days for scanning, then 2-days later shipping and in 12 hours the package was in Austria! Sealed, Original, no Problem!

Shen Wang (2017-10-29| Austria)

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