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So far so good. Parcelbound to the rescue, especially for items that cannot be shipped worldwide from Germany.

Nathalie (2017-10-04| Germany)

Having the repacking service is the best thing any shipper can ask for. Gone are the days of super bulky amazon boxes! Thanks

Skyler (2017-09-27| Belarus)

A very easy method to have your goods delivered to your doorstep in Qatar. Less hassle than the conventional forwarding services in Qatar, as Parcelbound will take care the formalities with customs and duties.

Starr (2017-09-18| Qatar)
Czech Republic

Parcelbound is a really useful tool to help get items shipped to your country from shops that usually wouldn't ship to you. They have a very fast turn around and items arrive at me quickly.

OrangUtan (2017-09-14| Czech Republic)

My film company depends on a specialty store in Morocco, but they won't take foreign credit cards. Thanks to, we can complete our projects on time and under budget!

Mau (2017-09-04| Morocco)
Faroe Islands

Love! Especially the ability to consolidate my shopping from different sites and at reasonable shipping rates!

Ally Lonie (2017-08-22| Faroe Islands)

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