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I'm so glad I went with Parcelbound... At almost half the shipping prices and no additional or hidden fees, I couldn't be any more happier!

Hektor Strömberg (2018-12-04| Switzerland)

Helpful advice given before booking consignment, great price for bulky heavy crate delivery to Sweden. Very easy to contact and quick to respond to our queries. Best shipping company we have used for our business.

Patrik Magnusson (2018-11-25| Sweden)

Parcelbound! The company you can rely on compared to other carriers. Always on time for pickup. Fast and friendly service and with freight box service the pricing is awesome. You get what you pay for.

Khaldun Morceli (2018-11-13| Algeria)

Seit drei Jahren bin ich immer sehr zufrieden mit dem netten und kompetenten Team von Parcelbound. Ich freue mich auf eine weiterhin gute Zusammenarbeit.

Paulina (2018-10-19| Austria)

Highly reliable! Out of a list of all forwarding services, ParcelBound is my go to, the first one I approach. Smooth dealing, polite delivery guys and excellent overall management. Having encountered countless package forwarding companies and I had kind of lost hope in ever finding a service which would satisfy all our business needs but salute for ParcelBound!

Ahmadullah Bashara (2018-10-07| Afghanistan)
United States

I really enjoy to work with Parcelbound it is the best & safest place to deal with, they have a good customer service and they care about you step by step to make sure that everything goes well. Thanks Parcelbound.

delores henry (2018-10-01| United States)

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