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How Parcelbound's Package Forwarding Services Work

Learn exactly how Parcelbound, the best rated forwarding services comapny, can forward parcel shipments to help you save on international shipping costs!

1. Join

Sign up and select your shipping membership plan to receive your own USA shipping address.

Once your account has been approved, you will receive your very own USA shipping address that you will be able to use to shop on USA websites. Shop on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Zappos, Macys, Sears, and many more! Your USA shipping address will contain a unique "suite #" that you will need to include on all USA orders that you place.

Parcelbound USA Shipping Address Example:
John Smith
150 Fake Street
Rutherford, NJ 07070 USA
You have a choice of 2 different membership plans that you can select when you sign up for an account. We offer a "Silver" and a "Platinum" membership plan. You can find out more about these membership plans by looking over our compare shipping membership plans page.

2. Shop

Now that you have your very own USA shipping address its time to shop online in the USA

With your new USA shipping address you can search the internet and place orders on any USA website. Just use your USA address as the shipping address when you place your order on the USA website.

If for any reason the USA website doesn't accept your international credit card; you can use Parcelbound's personal shopper service , and we will place the order for you. This way we handle the whole order process, and you still receive your order at the same great international shipping price.

Make sure to take advantage of any USA website promotions on order discounts or free domestic shipping!

Most credit card companies allow you to add a 2nd billing address to your credit card. By adding your new Parcelbound USA shipping address as a billing address on your credit card, you will increase your chances for more USA websites to accept orders that you place with them.

3. Receive

Your USA order arrives at Parcelbound's warehouse and is checked-in to our system.

You can track your USA order to our warehouse by using the USA tracking number that was sent by the USA website you placed the order from.

Once your order arrives at the Parcelbound warehouse, your order is checked-in to our system, and you may then view this order under your online Parcelbound account.

Platinum membership plans have the benefit to control the schedule of their shipments, and take advantage of our consolidation services to receive further discounts on international shipments.

After you order has been checked-in, we then go through the process of getting your order ready for shipment.

• We check the item condition and make sure it is not damaged

• We weigh and take down the box dimensions
• Prepare any international documents needed to parcel forward the shipment


Once your order is dispatched to your international shipping address we will send you an email with tracking information this way you can track this shipment door-to-door.

You can also lookup your tracking information from within your account menu.

International shipments usually arrive within 2 - 5 business days once your order has been dispatched.

Using Parcelbound's services is easy and allows you to save on international shipping costs.