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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Parcelbound in a tightly wrapped FAQ package!


In the event that your shipment is lost, damaged, or missing items we would submit an insurance claim only if insurance was included on your shipment.

Missing Items / Lost Package:

  1. We would request a copy of the US merchant invoice showing the prices of the products purchased

Damaged Items / Packages:

  1. We would request a copy of the US merchant invoice showing the price of the damaged items
  2. In addition, we would need photo(s) of the damaged items and package

Insurance Claims Processing Time:

Insurance claims are reviewed on an individual basis, so processing times will vary. DHL and FedEx shipments usually take up to eight weeks to process, while USPS shipments can take up to six months to be processed.

Proof of Declared Value: 

The declared value listed under your account should match the purchase price that is shown on your US merchant invoice. Insurance claims will ONLY pay the lesser amount of either the entered declared value under your account or the amount listed on the US merchant invoice, whichever is lower. Customers are responsible for reviewing and entering the correct purchase value to avoid issues with customs and insurance claims.

Approved Insurance Claims:

When an insurance claim has been approved, we will credit your Parcelbound account with the amount that was reimbursed by the claims department. You would then be able to use this credit on future shipments, personal shopper orders, etc.

Only shipping carriers that offer insurance, would you be able to include insurance on these shipments.  So depending on what shipping carrier you select, will determine if insurance is available for your shipment.  You will be able to see which shipping carriers offer insurance when you submit your shipment request.

FREE Insurance (up to $100 USD declared value):

For shipping carriers that offer insurance, we automatically add insurance to your shipment for packages with a declared value up to $100 for free.

Purchase Insurance (over $100 USD declared value):

If the items in your shipment have a declared value over $100 you can purchase additional insurance to provide the best protection for your shipment.  Depending on your membership plan your insurance cost will be different, you can view our membership plans page to see what our current insurance costs are for shipments that have a declared value over $100 USD.


Different shipping carriers have different policies on what is usually covered by insurance, this is usually determined on an individual basis.

However, as a guideline for damaged or missing items insurance usually would cover the declared value of the item that was damaged or lost.  For lost shipments insurance usually would cover the declared value of the items in the shipment in addition to the shipping costs.

Note: Insurance does NOT cover any duty/taxes paid or domestic shipping costs when the item was received.

In addition, some shipping carriers will offer a limited or no liability for specific items, so we recommend contacting the shipping carrier to see what items are protected under insurance.