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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Parcelbound in a tightly wrapped FAQ package!


Yes, we offer a self service membership upgrade/downgrade option that is listed under your account. 

If upgrading from a "Silver" to "Platinum" account you will be charged a "membership change fee", and depending on if you select a monthly or annual billing cycle the 1st payment will be captured at this time.

If downgrading from a "Platinum" to a "Silver" account you will be charged a "membership change fee", and whatever remaining days you have left in your billing cycle will be credited to your account that you will be able to use for future shipments or related charges.

The "membership change fee" must be agreed to before you are allowed to change your membership plan.  We have this "membership change fee" in place to minimize frequent membership plan changes by customers who try to take advantage of our cheaper Platinum shipping rates for a short time.

Only "Platinum" members have the option to change their billing cycle from annual to monthly or vice versa.

Any remaining days in your billing cycle will get credited to your account and you will be able to use this credit for any future shipments or other related charges.

Note:  The billing cycle can not be changed on "Silver" membership plans; since this membership is free therefore a billing cycle is not needed.

Sometimes a USA website won't accept international credit card orders on their website.  When you run into this issue; you have the following 2 options.

Option 1:  You can call your credit card company and add your Parcelbound USA shipping address as a 2nd billing address on your account.  By doing this, the next time you place an order on a USA website they will recognize the USA billing address associated with your credit card and allow the order to be submitted successfully.

Option 2:  If "option 1" still doesn't work, you make take advantage of using our personal shopper service where we would place this USA website order on your behalf and ship this item as soon as our warehouse receives the items.  You can learn more about our personal shopper service by clicking here.

Yes, as a Parcelbound member you can add as many additional names to your account as you'd like this way friends and family can also take advantage of Parcelbound's great international shipping rates.

However, please note that before we can accept packages under any new "additional names" a photo ID must be sent to verify this new name.


Yes, you can add additional friend or family names to your account FREE of charge.  However, before we can accept any packages under this new name it must be "verified" to your account by providing us with a government photo ID and if necessary other documents to verify this name to your account.

Please note:  The use of fake or made up names is not allowed and any shipments received under these types of names will be sent back to the US seller.  Only "real" valid names that have been verified under your account by document verification will be allowed.

Note:  If a different name is used in the billing or shipping address listed on your US website order invoice; this name will need to be verified first before a shipment can be sent.

Parcelbound does NOT tolerate customers that use our package forwarding services to place fraudulent orders.  If any customer is seen placing fraudulent orders; your account will be declined and any items sent to our warehouse will be refused and shipped back to the US seller.

If you would like to cancel or delete your Parcelbound account simply email us at with this account closure request.  We will then process this and delete/remove all your account information from our system following General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.