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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Parcelbound in a tightly wrapped FAQ package!

Affiliate & US Merchant Partners

Commissions are paid based on two different types of payout packages; "sign up" and "spend".

"Sign up" Payout Package:

Under this package you will received a fixed flat amount per each customer that signs up for a Parcelbound account and has an "active" membership.

"Spend" Payout Package:

Under this package affiliates can earn more money by referring more customers.  This package has tier levels that increase an affiliates commisson, and increases their ability to generate more money for each new "active" customer.

Note:  You can learn more about these "payout packages" once you sign up for your FREE affiliate partner account.

The time set for cookies varies, but can range from 30-90 days.  Meaning if you referr a customer and they don't sign up for an account right away; if they return within the cookie limit you will still earn money for the referred customer.

Yes, once you sign up for an affiliate account we will provide you with banner images, text links, button images, etc. that you will find listed under your account.  You may use these creatives to attract customers to the Parcelbound website and have them sign up as a customer to earn your referral commission.

Yes, as a US merchant partner you can expand your shipping needs worldwide.  With Parcelbound's discounted international shipping rates you will attract customers from all around the world that will shop on your US merchant website.

Not only will you increase your website's revenue from international customers, but at the same time you will be earning money from Parcelbound for all the referrals that sign up on the Parcelbound website.  It's a win-win!