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Send a Package

With our "send a package" service, print affordable international shipping labels from home and save money while doing it!

When to use our "Send a Package" service:

  • If you need to ship heavy boxed items internationally that your local post office cannot handle.
  • If you want to generate courier international shipping labels and schedule pickups from your home.
  • Save money on international courier shipping rates when you use our Send a Package service.

Using our "Send a Package" service is easy!

1. Prepare a new shipment

Log in to your account, and you will be able to go through the steps needed to generate you own online shipping label or schedule your own package pickup request.

2. Schedule a pickup or drop off shipment

You can decide if you want to schedule a pickup, or drop off the shipment yourself at the nearest shipping carrier location. Scheduling a pickup is easy with our online pickup system and once scheduled all you have to do is sit back and wait for the shipping carrier to pick up your shipment.

3. Shipping a gift or personal item

When you prepare a shipment, you have the option to mark the shipment as a gift / personal item. This is a great service because in most cases you will not need to owe any customs duty/taxes due to the shipment being a non-commercial item.

4. Print out shipping label and custom invoice documents

Once you have created and submitted your shipment; all that is left to do is print out your online shipping label and any custom invoice documents your shipment may need and attach them to your shipment.