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No, sorry we do NOT offer shipping services for rental membership service websites like Netflix, Blockbuster, Gamefly.

Due to the complexity of having to ship and then send back each media item this is a service that is something that we do not offer.

When signing up for a new account we require some type of payment information like a credit card, PayPal account, or Amazon Pay account mainly for 2 reasons:

1. When signing up for a new account we authorize your payment method with a random USD amount that we use to verify an account is NOT fraudulent and to keep fraudulently activity down to a minimum.  However, please note that this random USD amount that is charged to your payment method will then be automatically refunded back to your original payment method.  

2. We securely keep your payment method on file, which if it's a credit card, is not stored locally but securely on Authorize.Net's certified PCI DSS compliant servers.  We do this to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted service for shipping out your shipments and processing your personal shopper orders as quickly as possible.

Simply put, we are the best! :)

We put customer service first, and try to do the best possible job possible to keep ALL our customers happy.  We go above and beyond to make sure we are packing items the best we can to save customers as much money as possible on international shipping costs. 

We pride ourselves on offering an extra layer of customer service that many of our competitors just do not put the effort in.  When we receive customer packages we treat them just as if they were our own, taking the upmost care when processing shipments.

Give us a try today, and we guarantee you won't be disappointed in our services!

The time set for cookies varies, but can range from 30-90 days.  Meaning if you referr a customer and they don't sign up for an account right away; if they return within the cookie limit you will still earn money for the referred customer.

Yes, our "Platinum" membership plans renew automatically based on the billing cycle (e.g. monthly / annually) you have selected.  These membership plan fees are pre-paid for the billing cycle period.

To keep you informed, you will receive an upcoming email reminder letting you know when your membership plan fees are due to keep your "Platinum" membership active.

Yes, as a US merchant partner you can expand your shipping needs worldwide.  With Parcelbound's discounted international shipping rates you will attract customers from all around the world that will shop on your US merchant website.

Not only will you increase your website's revenue from international customers, but at the same time you will be earning money from Parcelbound for all the referrals that sign up on the Parcelbound website.  It's a win-win!

No, the Parcelbound USA shipping address that we provide you will NOT be a P.O. box address.  You will receive a USA address with a street name and number with your own unique suite number.

An example of what your Parcelbound USA shipping address will look like is listed below.

John Smith 
1 Acme Blvd

PB-Z12345 Parcelbound
South Hackensack, NJ 07606

To learn more about how the Parcelbound services work please visit our how it works page!

Yes, once you sign up for an affiliate account we will provide you with banner images, text links, button images, etc. that you will find listed under your account.  You may use these creatives to attract customers to the Parcelbound website and have them sign up as a customer to earn your referral commission.

The shipping rates that are listed on Parcelbound do not include any customs or duty taxes. 

Depending on your country there may be an additional charges that are due once the shipment arrives; please check with your custom's office to learn more about fees that may be charged on any imports.

The consolidation service is only offered to our Platinum members!

Depending on what type of shipping schedule (e.g. hold, weekly, every two weeks, monthly, automatic) you set; we take all the items that have arrived during this time and consolidate these items into as few boxes as possible.   We try to get these items to all fit in to one box, but if this is not possible we will use a multiple boxes.

Note:  After boxes have been consolidated, they can no longer be consolidated again!