US Parcel Forwarding

How Parcel Forwarding Can Work For You!

The United States of America is one of the world’s most diverse marketplaces with products for sale that are desired by people all over the world. And with the convenience of online shopping, that marketplace has reached more people worldwide than ever before.

But one of the problems a lot of people find is that the US market is not open for them. Too often people find that they are unable to buy the products they want online and have it shipping to them because the do not have a valid address in USA.

The solution to this problem is to use a parcel forwarding service that provides you with a US address so that you can buy from USA without any hassles or problems. Using a parcel forwarding service is fairly straightforward, and here a few things that you should know.


Sign up for a US address.

The first thing that you will want to do is apply for a US address with your parcel forwarding provider. This service will work just like if you lived in the US and ordered a product to have shipped to you. The company you purchase your merchandise from will charge standard shipping rates for within the US, and they can use whatever delivery service they normally use to ship to US residents. The merchandise will be shipped to the door of your parcel service as if you lived at that address. The company will never know they are shipping their product to someone who lives outside the United States.

Choose your shipping provider.

Once your parcel forwarding company receives your package from the company you shopped with, they will then send it to you using the package delivery service of your choice, which can be any major delivery company that provides service between the United States and your country. And it certainly does not have to be the same delivery service that was used by the company you shopped with, because it will be an entirely different shipping transaction.

You can use our handy international shipping calculator to compare rates of different service providers, and how much you can expect to pay will depend on which service you choose and how soon you want to receive your delivery. If you can wait a while, you can often get international shipping at very low rates.

Add your new US address to your credit card information.

Even though you are shipping to a US address, sometimes a US company will decline your online order because it recognizes that your credit card address is from another country. To avoid this, you may want to add your new US shipping address that you received from your package forwarding service as a secondary address on your credit card account. This way the company will think that you are at least an occasional US resident and that they are not selling to an overseas customer.

These are the primary steps to getting started with your package forwarding service, but you should visit the FAQ section of to learn more about the process. The sooner you get yourself educated about the many services available to international customers who want to buy from USA, the sooner you can have the full US marketplace at your service.