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Grab the best selling iPhone 5 from the online stores in America

The iPhone 5 device is one of the best selling smart phones available today in the market with plenty of built-in apps that is truly worth exploring. With faster wireless connectivity, enhanced battery performance and higher processing speeds, you can browse the entire web and download lots of interesting information in just a few minutes. Whether it is sending text messages or e-mails, listening to your favorite music or sharing videos, it looks extremely easy and effortless with the new iPhone 5.

Now, you can choose to have unlimited access to thousands of stunning apps available on the App store that allows for quick and easy access to all kinds of information. You can instantly navigate the bookstore to purchase and read all your favorite e-books using the ibook stores. Plus, you have the flexibility to download your favorite podcasts and listen to them, anywhere using the App store. Get the latest news updates, best in education, entertainment or social networking using this highly functional and versatile device.

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Here are some of the interesting features available on the iPhone 5:

Smart and easy road navigation with the maps

If you are planning to travel and need quick information on the traffic conditions in the city, then the iPhone maps can provide live traffic updates in an incredible manner. In case there are any temporary roadblocks or accidents, then you can use this information for having more smooth and comfortable trips.  Just follow the iPhone maps to get a detailed view of different areas using the vector based elements with smooth tilting and rotating features to find out vital landmarks across important streets and places. By using these maps you can follow the exact directions on the road and find the most accurate signs and arrows along with 3D views for a smooth and faster navigation experience.

Use Siri to get quick and instant information on anything

The intelligent assistant Siri on the iPhone 5 is much more advanced now and can provide quick answers to your queries. Siri can make phone calls, send messages, schedule meetings and provide some smart options that can be tracked by the users. For ex: It can provide all the information on the latest movies and find, if the tickets are available and even book tickets on your behalf.  You could get instant access to game scores and information related to the players and more using this intelligent feature available on iPhone 5 and some of its earlier versions.

Get your work more organized

The iPhone 5 has some built-in apps that can help in organizing and managing your daily tasks with maximum efficiency than ever before. By using the iMessage features, you can send messages to anyone using an iPad, iPod touch, Mac or even reminders to your professional list of contacts. Manage your content in a better way using the iCloud to easily integrate with your apps and access content, anywhere you want on your other devices.

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