[Infographic] Interesting Facts About International Shipping

Ever stop to think about the journey of our delivered parcels?

From overseas shipments to next-town-over orders, our transient parcels are always on the move! Believe it or not, an estimated 30 percent of shipping losses during transit are unavoidable, and on average, one shipping boat sinks every day — somewhere in the world!

Interesting Facts About International Shipping

An estimated 58 percent of shoppers want free or discounted shipping, and this may come as a shock, but no carrier is obligated to pay for losses that occur beyond their control. It’s believed that most loss and damage occurs: in TRANSIT  at the PORT/AIRPORT   [READ MORE]

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Purchase The Best Apple Products On USA Personal Shopper Sites

Are you fascinated by some of the coolest Apple gadgets and iPhones available in the market and looking for some great deals? Then, here’s a great opportunity to get some of the top bargains on different Apple products by shopping online on leading USA stores.

Why Apple iPhone 5 Can Give You Good Value For Money?

Over the years, Apple has been accredited of making products that is both innovative and technically brilliant to provide the best to its consumers. The iPhone 5 is a remarkable smart phone that makes everyday tasks simpler while providing easy access to its customers.  It is also the thinnest, fastest and the fastest smartphone and comes with a host of interesting features. [READ MORE]

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How To Choose The Best Maternity Wear And Look Sexy And Beautiful?

Are you expecting a baby and finding it tough to choose the right maternity wear that can complement your overall look and personality?

If you are really concerned about your looks during pregnancy, then you can be rest assured to find the best choice of maternity dresses ,while shopping online. With a wide range of chic and stylish outfits available today in plus sizes, you can still look fabulous and gorgeous as ever before!

Be Smart And Confident In Choosing Maternity Clothes

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting moments in every woman’s life where she looks forward to nurturing the baby inside her womb that brings immense joy and happiness to her. At the same time, this phase also brings in lots of fear and apprehensions about not been able to dress well and look good due to the increasing size and weight. But you need to remember that with a little bit of creativity and good fashion sense, you can use lot of maternity clothing options that may look just perfect for any occasion. [READ MORE]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review and Comparison

If you are looking to buy a smartphone with a high definition screen, superior quality with powerful performance, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 could be an excellent choice.

Can Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Satisfy All Your Needs?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 offers some stunning features for the users along with a large 5.5 inch screen that looks similar to the tablet. Of course, it may be a bit more expensive due to some of the extra features and regarded to be best among the high end smart phones.

With great aesthetics and design, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 resembles a lot like the Samsung Galaxy 3 and offers greater functionality to the users. The sleek design of this phone with more width and greater length makes it less comfortable to have a grip. Besides, the phone has a solid construction and does not have that metallic feel like the rest of the smart phones available in the market. Compared to its previous version, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is much slimmer and weighs around 177 gms and measures 9.4 mm in thickness. In addition, it comes with other standard features including the microSD slot that allows for a further memory upgrade, removable battery cover, microUSB port along with a 3.5 mm headphone jack up. [READ MORE]

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US to Australia shippers – buy winter sports gear in USA

Winter is the time to have fun and indulge in a variety of winter sports. The serene and pristine beauty of the snow often attracts many people who not only like to play with the snow, but also enjoy indulging in other winter sports like sledging, snow – boarding, skiing, and skating etc. In order to completely enjoy these sports, people need the help of winter sports gear that will not only allow them to play participate in these sports, but will also take care of their safety. The United States is the home to some of the top winter sports gear manufacturers in the world. If you are an individual living in Australia, then you can easily shop for winter sports gear in USA, with the help of US to Australia shippers. [READ MORE]