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Trust Parcelbound's management / operations team with over 15 years experience in the international shipping industry. Parcelbound has the best freight forwarding team to handle your shipments.

Just some of the many Features we offer

FREE Consolidation Services We take all your items and consolidate them into as few boxes as possible to save you more money on international shipping costs
Personal Shopper Service Use our personal shopper service and we purchase items on your behalf saving you time and making your USA shopping experience easier
Save 75% on International Shipping Costs We partner up with multiple shipping carriers to save our customers up to 75% on international shipping costs
FREE 30 Days Storage Receive 30 days of FREE storage, and take your time purchasing items before consolidating them
Generate Shipping Labels From Home Have the ability to generate your own shipping labels and schedule pick-ups directly from the comfort of your home
Shipping to over 200+ countries. We provide shipping to over 200+ countries worldwide; giving our customers all over the world the ability to shop in the USA

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