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What To Look For In A Reliable and Trusted Parcel Forwarding Company?

Sometimes, it can be a really daunting task to find the best parcel forwarding company to rely on completely for delivering your products in a SAFE and SECURE manner. AND most of all, things can get really worse, if you have had some really bad experiences in the past with such companies. The best thing would be to find out more relevant information about your parcel forwarding company and learn more about their customer experiences.

At Parcelbound, we do our best to keep our customers happy and satisfied and our top priority is to deliver goods at the lowest possible prices in the safest way and as quickly as possible. With our advanced IT management skills and over 15 years experience in the shipping industry, we offer a highly professional and customer friendly experience with our range of services.

Quick, Affordable and Convinient delivery

Shop Smarter now and use convenient options to get a quick delivery!

-Personal Shopper Service

We want our customers to face less hassles, while ordering any items on USA shopping websites so we offer them with our exclusive personal shopper advantage. If any of these USA stores do not accept your credit cards while placing an order, then you can leave the job to us and we will place the orders on your behalf. We make your life much easier by managing all your orders to give you a more enhanced and comfortable shopping experience

-Exclusive Membership plans

You can order any of your favorite items by shopping on some of the leading USA stores and get some cool discount offers now.  With a choice of platinum and silver membership plans available with us, you can enjoy loads of benefits now to make HUGE SAVINGS up to 75% on international shipping costs. Plus, you can also make the most of our door-to-door tracking information to ensure that your parcel is on its way to your destination and most importantly is in SAFE hands. We also allow you to consolidate your shipments to have some good discounts on shipping as well.

-Delivery to Global destinations

We provide you some of the best advantages and allow you to have your own personal USA mailing address. Using this, you can virtually shop for any of your favorite items across some of the best USA stores and order fascinating items that you always wanted to buy! Most of these stores offer low and affordable prices on items that you would not be able to get in the place where you live. Lot of shoppers living around UK, Canada, Austrailia or New Zealand love shopping on USA online stores as they can get the best possible shopping deals  around here.

We offer parcel forwarding services to over 200+ countries and if you live anywhere outside the US, we can safely deliver your order to your destination.

We Use the Best Shipping Carriers Around the World!

With a choice of globally renowned and leading shipping carriers including DHL, UPS, FedEx available with us, you can be fully assured that your parcel will be handled in the most professional and safe manner.

No Hidden Costs.

We at Parcelbound try to offer the BEST AND AFFORDABLE prices to our customers without charging anything EXTRA. All the shipments are insured and the shipping insurance is included within the total international shipping costs. You can choose to remove the insurance from your shipments by choosing the appropriate option from the “Shipping Options” category. Get a quote from our shipping calculator to know the exact cost of shipping to your destination based on the package dimensions and weight of the item.

Customer Testimonials

We encourage customers to provide their feedback and share their personal experiences using our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Here are some real customer comments and feedback on our services:

Alizar ( Indonesia ) – 2013-02-13

My package arrive sooner than I thought, great service and communication…

Joel ( United Kingdom ) – 2013-01-28

Ordered a birthday gift for my daughter that I could only purchase in the USA. Parcel arrived on-time, and my daughter was thrilled! Thank you!



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