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The What, Where and Why of Parcel Forwarding Companies

Parcel forwarding companies are not new especially after the services they provide today which has made them utterly popular among shopaholics. Parcel forwarding companies like any other shipping company forwards parcels and packages to whichever destinations it is assigned too all over the world. What’s special about today’s package forwarding company is that not only do they deliver goods to the designated addresses, rather they also collect it from a destination on your behalf, consolidate or store it for you as well for as long as you like (charging for it though) and then forward it to where you ask them to.

This ability has made it possible for shoppers to shop from online stores that ship only to their country and receive the parcel anywhere in the world. A vast variety of different carriers allow members of these forwarding companies to choose the one that is economical for them and go ahead with their order.  Also you can purchase items from a US store in bulk and have them shipped on different locations.


Answering the ‘Where’ or the reach of parcel forwarding company is impossible as the whole world is a limit. These forwarding companies can ship to almost any country in the world you have heard about and so US products are literally within the reach of the whole world now. What is interesting is the time and safety element offered by these companies that make the offer more appealing, of course considering the given price as well.

You can track your shipment and have it delivered wherever you want to and save up to 75% on shipment costs. Like WOW!  And not to mention you can shop literally from any US store you want to, Like does this get any better or what? Parcel forwarding companies are literally a dream come true especially for American product lovers.


There are several answers as to why people should go for parcel forwarding companies. Firstly, it allows you to shop from every accessible US shops online and delivers it to you irrespective of where you live. Unless you are from Mars, you will get the package alright.

Second reason behind the choosing of these parcel forwarding companies are the huge savings incurred in terms of shipping costs. You can receive a quote from the various carriers and decide which one suits you. You can also consolidate your item with the shipping company if you think a discount can be availed in some days through a carrier or of you want the gift to reach a friend in exactly three days time. You can send a parcel to Israel, or you can send a parcel to Nigeria, the whole world is open to you.

Basically, when you sign a membership with these parcel forwarding companies they assign you a US address using which you forward your US shopping to the address, from where the shopping is further shipped to wherever and whenever you want it, either for self or for someone else is at your discretion.