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Do you live overseas and enjoy shopping in the Unites States?
Do you run your own eCommerce site and need to ship to international customers?
Do you have loved ones overseas and wish to send gifts to them as safely and inexpensively as possible?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then is for you!!

Watch this video below and find out how.

Parcelbound is a top rated international package forwarding company. They provide great savings to international customers wanting to shop on all their favorite USA websites stores, and saving them up to 75% on international shipping costs! Parcelbound’s service is also great for USA residents wanting to ship gift to friends/family living overseas. Get your own Parcelbound USA shipping address today!

This giveaway is open worldwide and the winner will receive the iPad plus if you are outside the US you will receive FREE international/domestic shipping to show how the Parcelbound service works. [READ MORE]

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5 Ways That a USA Shipping Address Can Feed Your Shopping Addiction

“Experts” say that the first step in breaking an addiction is admitting that you have a problem. This is also true when it comes to shopping addictions; acknowledging your problem actually helps you to figure out how to purchase even more cool stuff!

Cool stuff! Yippee!

And for you shopping addicts, we have some more good news: a USA shipping address can act as an enabler, helping you purchase even more beautiful, chic, and popular items from websites of stores based in America no matter where in the world you reside. Here are five advantages to having a USA shipping address:

1. It allows you to buy merchandise sold at American stores. If there’s one thing that the United States is good at, it’s commerce. After all, it has the largest gross domestic product in the world by far, so it means that American companies are good at selling stuff — unless the buyers aren’t on U.S. soil. But with package forwarding, you can buy something online from any U.S. store, have it sent to your USA shipping address, and then get it forwarded to your place of residence. [READ MORE]

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Are you obese and looking forward to shed all the extra weight to achieve a slim and fabulous body? Then working out on a treadmill can be an effective solution that can offer you some incredible weight loss benefits. Gym workouts may be another possible option for losing weight but they cannot guarantee long term results, unless you stick to a regular schedule. On the other hand, treadmills can make a good investment as they can be used to work out anytime to suit your time and convenience in the comfort of your home.

Besides, using a treadmill is simple and easy even for the beginners as it is the most natural form of walking and does not require any special type of training or assistance. You can enjoy treadmill workouts anytime to fit into your busy schedule and train your body to achieve complete fitness and overall good physical and mental health. Even experts recommend the use of treadmills for their patients as an effective method of burning calories and losing excess weight from their bodies. [READ MORE]