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5 Ways That a USA Shipping Address Can Feed Your Shopping Addiction

“Experts” say that the first step in breaking an addiction is admitting that you have a problem. This is also true when it comes to shopping addictions; acknowledging your problem actually helps you to figure out how to purchase even more cool stuff!

Cool stuff! Yippee!

And for you shopping addicts, we have some more good news: a USA shipping address can act as an enabler, helping you purchase even more beautiful, chic, and popular items from websites of stores based in America no matter where in the world you reside. Here are five advantages to having a USA shipping address:

1. It allows you to buy merchandise sold at American stores. If there’s one thing that the United States is good at, it’s commerce. After all, it has the largest gross domestic product in the world by far, so it means that American companies are good at selling stuff — unless the buyers aren’t on U.S. soil. But with package forwarding, you can buy something online from any U.S. store, have it sent to your USA shipping address, and then get it forwarded to your place of residence.

2. It lets you save money on international shipping costs. Of the U.S. stores that do ship overseas, many of them charge an arm and a leg just to get your purchase to its final destination. In fact, the shipping expenses may be even more expensive than the cost of the item itself. But when you can take advantage of domestic shipping rates with a USA shipping address, your total delivery costs will probably be less. And when you save money on shipping, you have more of it to use for your shopaholic fix!

You don’t have to live here to have a USA shipping address.

3. It lets you consolidate packages. If you make lots of U.S. purchases (especially from a single retailer), you can wait to get all of your items sent to your USA shipping address and then ship them to your address in one large package or container. So instead of incurring several shipping charges, you only have to pay once — and the amount will be considerably smaller than for multiple packages.

4. It allows you to track the shipment and even control shipping or delivery dates. If you have a USA shipping address, you always get tracking information related to where your purchase is located; both before it reaches your USA address and prior to its delivery to your home. In addition, you can often dictate when certain items will be delivered, so you don’t have to worry about packages being delivered when you are out of town or at work.

5. It gives you the option of personal shopping. This is valuable if you ever run into a retailer that won’t accept your non-U.S. credit card. If you have a USA shipping address, the package forwarding company’s “concierge service” will buy the item for you and allow you to reimburse the cost by paying with your own credit card. It’s like having your own personal shopper based in the States!

So why wait any longer? Your shopping addiction is whispering in your ear, telling you to get a USA shipping address from today. And you know you just can’t say no to your shopaholic urges.

The truth is, there’s a little shopaholic in everyone. And this is what she looks like.

Photo Credit: CCFC Manitoba/Saskatchewan/Nunavut