[Infographic] Interesting Facts About International Shipping

Ever stop to think about the journey of our delivered parcels?

From overseas shipments to next-town-over orders, our transient parcels are always on the move! Believe it or not, an estimated 30 percent of shipping losses during transit are unavoidable, and on average, one shipping boat sinks every day — somewhere in the world!

Interesting Facts About International Shipping

An estimated 58 percent of shoppers want free or discounted shipping, and this may come as a shock, but no carrier is obligated to pay for losses that occur beyond their control. It’s believed that most loss and damage occurs: in TRANSIT  at the PORT/AIRPORT   [READ MORE]

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Home Improvement tips for a decorative outdoor lighting

Do you want to illuminate your outdoors and make it look more attractive and appealing with some lovely decorative outdoor lighting? Then, it may be a wonderful idea to learn more about the different types of outdoor lighting that can be used to create a lovely ambience for your home. There are different kinds of lighting that are designed to be functional and used as security lights for pathway to entrances or lit up a porch. On the other hand, there are other types of lighting such as landscape lighting that are merely used for decorative purposes.

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Top Jewelry Ideas That You Can Use For Every Occasion

Are you planning to buy some exquisite jewelry for gifting your friends and loved ones on some special occasions? Then, why not think of some fascinating gift ideas that can surprise them and make them feel absolutely delightful? With a fascinating range of jewelry collection available across online stores, you can pick up the best ones that can be personalized for any occasion. Whether you are looking for wedding day gifts, birthdays, Mother’s day special, Christmas or Valentine’s day gifts, jewelry makes the perfect gift for any of these special events. Some of the top jewelry gifts can range from bracelets, charms or designer inspired jewelry, birthstone jewelry can make the best birthday gifts for someone special. [READ MORE]