[Infographic] Interesting Facts About International Shipping

Ever stop to think about the journey of our delivered parcels?

From overseas shipments to next-town-over orders, our transient parcels are always on the move! Believe it or not, an estimated 30 percent of shipping losses during transit are unavoidable, and on average, one shipping boat sinks every day — somewhere in the world!

Interesting Facts About International Shipping

An estimated 58 percent of shoppers want free or discounted shipping, and this may come as a shock, but no carrier is obligated to pay for losses that occur beyond their control. It’s believed that most loss and damage occurs: in TRANSIT  at the PORT/AIRPORT  

The following types of mail brought in most of the $65 billion in revenue in 2012:  

First-class mail, $28.9 billion; advertising mail, $16.4 billion; shipping/package services, $11.6 billion, and periodicals at $1.7 billion.

Additionally — when it comes to online shopping cart abandonment, 44 percent of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts due to high shipping costs, and  22 percent of online shoppers abandon their shopping cart due to failure to mention shipping costs!



Provide Necessary Documents: Export documents are required for national security, product control, compilation of export statistics and protection of endangered species.

Shipping Rules/Regulations: Many countries have individualized laws about import and/or export items.  Every package undergoes an international custom check. If there is un-prohibited/contraband items found in a particular package, it is deemed “undeliverable,” and may be returned to the shipper (depending on legality of contents).

Good Packaging: Every package endures rough handling during an international journey. When packing, it is important to use plenty of filler material, stuffed between items. Additionally, it is advised to wrap items in a generous amount of packing material pack, before its careful placement in a strong and durable box. The shipping and return address should be clearly marked on the box, and all heavy items should be packed at the bottom of the box.

Measurement & Pricing: To determine pricing, provide measurements of the box that include content(s) height, width, length and weight.

Length of Shipment: One must always complete a customs form, in addition to taking out insurance (if necessary for your shipping package).. Furthermore, it is advised to periodically check the status of your package to ensure a hassle-free delivery. There are, however, some factors that may contribute to the delay of your shipment, including currency exchange issues and tariff fees that may be associated with the shipment.

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