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How to Identify Which International Package Forwarding Company Suits Your Requirements

With the increasing shipping costs today the concept of sending gifts to friends and family members abroad have gone almost extinct and for those who still believe in sending gifts to international destinations, vouching for cash is a common method. In today’s busy world sending a gift personally picked for a loved one means only one thing that the person is really special and means a lot as you have from your precious day taken out some time to select and then send a gift to your loved one. There are also times when you shop online and the site does not ship internationally or out of US and you are left helpless as you so badly want the thing for yourself. The best way to handle all these problems is to choose the one best international package forwarding company that will cater to all of your problems. [READ MORE]

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Parcelbound Launches New Coupon Service That Helps International Clients Save Money

Parcelbound launches coupons that will help clients all over the world save money when shopping in the USA.

On January 20th, 2014, Parcelbound, a US-based international package forwarding company, will launch the new coupon service that will be available to all new and existing customers immediately, on the official website. This is comprised of five types of coupons aimed at helping the clients save money on various services that Parcelbound offers.

The types of coupons that will be available are:

  • Issue Credit on Account: this coupon can be used in order to generate credit to a user’s account. The amount deposited can be used for any of Parcelbound’s services.
  • Shipping Cost Discount: just like the name suggests, this coupon will generate discounts that will be applied to the client’s shipment cost. Customers can choose between a percent discount (for instance, 10% off shipping) and a flat fee discount ($10 off shipping).
  • Personal Shopper Order Fee: this coupon designed for clients that place orders through Parcelbound’s Personal Shopper service. When using the coupon a discount (a percentage of the order’s value or a flat fee) will be immediately applied.
  • Waived Membership Plan Fees: by using this type of coupon, any client that is currently using one of Parcelbound’s membership plans can waive it immediately. Ideal for frequent shoppers, the coupon allows them to save the money on monthly or annual membership plan fees.
  • Waived Sign-Up Fee: when such a coupon is available, the client can use it in order to avoid the sign-up fee (payable upon opening a new account).

This coupon plan has been thoroughly researched and is based on client reviews and suggestions. Parcelbound is confident that the new coupons cover all the needs that a client may have when it comes to international package forwarding and that they will help all clients save money and thus be able to afford more items. [READ MORE]

US Parcel Forwarding

How Parcel Forwarding Can Work For You!

The United States of America is one of the world’s most diverse marketplaces with products for sale that are desired by people all over the world. And with the convenience of online shopping, that marketplace has reached more people worldwide than ever before.

But one of the problems a lot of people find is that the US market is not open for them. Too often people find that they are unable to buy the products they want online and have it shipping to them because the do not have a valid address in USA.

The solution to this problem is to use a parcel forwarding service that provides you with a US address so that you can buy from USA without any hassles or problems. Using a parcel forwarding service is fairly straightforward, and here a few things that you should know. [READ MORE]

Buy From America USA Shopping

Grab the best selling iPhone 5 from the online stores in America

The iPhone 5 device is one of the best selling smart phones available today in the market with plenty of built-in apps that is truly worth exploring. With faster wireless connectivity, enhanced battery performance and higher processing speeds, you can browse the entire web and download lots of interesting information in just a few minutes. Whether it is sending text messages or e-mails, listening to your favorite music or sharing videos, it looks extremely easy and effortless with the new iPhone 5.

Now, you can choose to have unlimited access to thousands of stunning apps available on the App store that allows for quick and easy access to all kinds of information. You can instantly navigate the bookstore to purchase and read all your favorite e-books using the ibook stores. Plus, you have the flexibility to download your favorite podcasts and listen to them, anywhere using the App store. Get the latest news updates, best in education, entertainment or social networking using this highly functional and versatile device. [READ MORE]

Buy From America US Parcel Forwarding

Cheap online shopping in the USA

The United States is the home to some of the biggest brands in the planet. The country has a strong retail sector and some of the top manufacturers in the world belong to the US. Apart from the fact that there are many regular stores and chain of stores where people can buy all kinds of products, the country is also the home to some of the most popular online retailers in the planet. Online shopping is very popular in the US, mainly because of the fact that it is not only convenient for people to buy things online, but it is also the cheapest way for them to buy different products. There are many people living in countries across the world, who would like to know about cheap online shopping in the USA given the fact that US made products are popular everywhere. [READ MORE]