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US to Australia shippers – buy winter sports gear in USA

Winter is the time to have fun and indulge in a variety of winter sports. The serene and pristine beauty of the snow often attracts many people who not only like to play with the snow, but also enjoy indulging in other winter sports like sledging, snow – boarding, skiing, and skating etc. In order to completely enjoy these sports, people need the help of winter sports gear that will not only allow them to play participate in these sports, but will also take care of their safety. The United States is the home to some of the top winter sports gear manufacturers in the world. If you are an individual living in Australia, then you can easily shop for winter sports gear in USA, with the help of US to Australia shippers.

US to Australia shippers - buy winter sports gear in USA

Why buy winter sports gear in USA?

Apart from the fact that US manufacturers top quality winter sports gear, it is summer in USA while it is winter in Australia. Thus, the demand for winter sports gear in the US and in countries across the Northern Hemisphere is very low. People, in these countries, do not have the need for such sporting gears. Due to the lack of demand, the prices are low as well. This is why, people in the Southern Hemisphere who are enjoying their winter months, can benefit from purchasing winter sports gear in USA as they will be able to save a lot of money in the process.

How to purchase from USA?

In order to purchase winter sports gear from US based online retailers, you will need the help of US to Australia shippers like us, who also offer package forwarding service. We will provide you with a US based shipping address, which you can use for ordering goods from US retailers. Our package forwarding service will then send the same to your home in Australia.

Some of the popular US retailers that sell sports gear are:

It is a site where you can purchase all kinds of winter sports gear such as helmets, snow board, jackets, boots, goggles etc.

Dick’s sporting goods specializes in all kinds of sporting goods and offers a wide range of products to choose from. The products are usually in the range of $25 – $500.

Back Country offers innovative features such as lifetime unconditional returns and affordable prices.

In order to purchase winter sports gears from these sites, you can take the help of our package forwarding service.

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