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And You Thought Your Local Jeweler Was Your Only Choice, Try Allurez Diamond and Fine Jewelry

It is the dream of every woman to look as beautiful as she can at all times and in wake of fulfilling this dream, women try all kinds of accessories and dresses to enhance that inner glow and dream they have within them. One such thing that contributes highly in the beauty of a woman is her jewelry.

Allurez is a renowned diamonds and fine jewelry name located in NYC’s heart. Allurez specializes in engagement rings, wedding bands, high quality fine jewelry and certified diamond jewelry. Although formerly Allurez was thought to be an outlet for the wealthy only however the fine jewelry store has introduced a new collection of affordable jewelry ranging between $100 to thousands and more.

Allurez is no new name for high quality jewelry lovers as they offer possibly the largest collection of fine jewelry along with loose diamonds that are certified of course. A full line up is available for different types of jewelry items including bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces, men wedding bands, women wedding bands, birthstone jewelry, anniversary gifts, accessories, etc. All these jewelry range is also available with different colored stones, diamonds of different colors including natural shade and also with precious metal. Allurez offers its own designer collection along with the provision of providing their customers with custom made jewelry according to the desires of the customers. Finding a jewel of one’s choice is very easy when browsing Allurez’s extensive jewelry collection.

Access to Allurez’s fine quality jewelry though was limited to NYC citizens or visiting natives from other parts of the country before, however today thanks to Parcelbound, everyone, anywhere on the globe can have access to Allurez jewelry and experience the aura of being dressed in princess’ jewels.

All you have to do is visit Allurez’s site and survey deeply and extensively on what you like and what you want to purchase. Next access membership with Parcelbound choosing the plan that suits you best, as soon as you become a member, Parcelbound will assign you a US address which you can use to deliver your shopping from Allurez.

The choice of delivery carriers, the most affordable rates, instant and safe delivery, free 30 days consolidation services, all add up to Parcelbound’s incredible and mind blowing services. You can choose your jewelry have it shipped ion your US address and have it delivered to literally any place on earth. This makes the option an even better choice as you can also send unique jewelry pieces as gifts to your loved ones the world over.

You can compare the prices between different shipping carriers through using the international package shipping rates comparison tool which will in detail describe the shipping company charges for using different carriers. You can choose any one that suits your requirement best.

So what are you waiting for, connect to Allurez’s site today and choose what was beyond the reach of many before thanks to Allurez’s new collection and parcelbound’s services.