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Living Outside the USA Does Not Mean You Cannot Shop in the USA

For generations people who lived outside of the United States longed for the opportunity to shop in the world’s greatest marketplace. But for so long you had to either travel there or know someone who lived in the USA to take advantage of everything the US market had to offer.

But with the invention of the Internet, the world got smaller and people could communicate with people from other parts of the world as easily as if they lived next door. And this closeness included being able to shop with merchants from other countries without actually having to travel there.

This all seems well and good until you find out that the merchant you want to shop with does not ship products to your country, either by preference or because of the law. And this is particularly true of the United States.

So is there any solution to this problem, or are you limited to “window shopping” if you live in a country that cannot receive packages from the United States?

The answer is that there is a way to shop with any company in the United States that offers shipping of their products, and that is true no matter where you live in the world. How can this be? All you need is a USA shipping address and a company that uses mail forwarding to send you your merchandise wherever you live.

Companies like give you the full benefits of having a valid address in USA to receive packages from US companies, and then we send those packages right to your door safely, securely, and at a reasonable price. You never have to worry about living in a country where the US prohibits companies from dealing with because, as far as they know, they are sending their merchandise to a US resident. And you avoid any unnecessary shipping charges that may be added to your order that do not reflect the actual costs of sending merchandise to your country.

You may think such a service is too good to be true and that it must cost a fortune. But hold off on making those plane reservations to come shop in the United States in person. Parcel forwarding services can be quite reasonable in prices as we do enough business to keep our prices within a sensible range. And it is very easy to find out what the cost would be for you. Just check out our international shipping calculator to see what it would cost to deliver a package of merchandise purchased within the United States right to your door.

Just like the invention of the internet, package forwarding services like truly do make the world a whole lot smaller and allow you to experience the world like people never could in generations past. Although you may still want to visit the US for pleasure someday, you certainly do not have to wait until then to have the full advantage of shopping in the country’s thriving marketplace today.

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