International Shipping

Factors Influencing International Shipping Costs

How do I purchase goods from USA who don t deliver outside of USA? This is a question that is searched much too often on Google. Not many are aware of the amazing and wonderful services of international shipping companies that transport goods purchased at throw away prices form Amazon online shop USA or through any other dealership to different countries of the world. Whether you are buying from USA to sell in UK or just want to take advantage of cheap shopping online USA for personal use, shipping companies come handy these days.

Enjoy Cheap International Shipping today
There are myriad benefits of international shipping to retail customers who are disappointed to know that the product cannot be shipped outsider America. Often, the shipping charges added by the websites are exorbitant to dumbfound the customers. However, the emergence of a number of shipping companies has meant that even someone buying a product from a website in US sitting in a European country can now avail the cost effective services of these companies to have a product that he has already dreamt about.

The price of international shipping is not cheap. This is a fact that most people are aware of. This is mostly because of legal formalities, documentation involved, and clearing of customs and paying all sorts of taxes in the two countries. However, because of advancement in packaging and flexible container services, it is today possible for shipping companies to provide their services to not just large corporations but to even retail customers living in Europe who buy small or large products from USA at discounted prices.

It is Not Just Transportation Through Sea Routes
Most people think of a vessel carrying cargo through sea routes as the only reason for high international shipping costs. However, there are many other factors affecting transportation costs such as picking up the cargo from the vendor and transporting it through truck to the port, packing it and placing it inside the vessel, loading and unloading, and so on. If you have been allured by the down to earth price of a car at a dealer’s shop in US, you must ensure the shipping company you choose provides Ro/Ro services.

Consolidation is another feature that can save a lot of money for a customer. It has been the grouse of lots of people making use of international shipping that they are being charged more than the size and shape of their product demands. Shipping companies have their logic of the size of the container. Consolidation allows these companies to pack several products inside the same container thereby allowing a customer to be charged a fraction of the total amount. Though this is a feature that is very popular these days, it pays to get insurance policy for the transit to safeguard the product you have so lovingly purchased from USA.

You will be surprised to know that a shipping company has to take clearance from transportation authorities at many points. There are at least 32 documents to be filled inside US alone for shipping a product out of the country!

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