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Enjoy Sports to the Max with Sweaty Betty Sportswear


Sweaty Betty is no new name for sport loving women, as Tamara Hill Norton’s brand today is the ultimate style icon for ladies sportswear worldwide. Gone are the days when sportswear was considered ordinary clothing used to absorb the workout sweat and made women look in punishment. Today every walk of life deserves to be in style and staying fir or enjoying a sport is no exception.

Sweaty Betty started off when there was from little to no appreciation on the part of the designers to provide women (and men) with premium designer sportswear, which was taken as a breath of fresh air by every sport loving women. Whether you are interested in swim wear, cycling gear, running outfits or specially designed sports suit for any specific sport, Sweaty Betty has a long line of outfits to offer for everyone.

Although sports may be a messy business with a lot of sweating and perspiration, however making the experience enjoyable and letting athletes and women who strive to stay fit feel wonderful has been the ultimate aim of Sweaty Betty.

All Sweaty Betty sportswear line is stitched keeping all technical and style aspects in mind for any sports and you can even find a suitable and comfortable ski wear, yoga wear, gym wear, tennis apparel, and much more. Sporting in style was a concept that Sweaty Betty facilitated and to date has proved to be quite successful at it too.

From its initial conception in 1998, Sweaty Betty has emerged as a big name in women’s sportswear however its clients were limited to the country of origin and other women of the world could only pray they would have access to the quality and stylish designer sportswear of the brand. This however had women of the world waiting till 2012, until finally Sweaty Betty US website initiated and the brands literally offered itself and its products to literally all the women in the world. Today everyone can browse through the vast sportswear line of Sweaty Betty and choose the outfits that they require to be Sportive in style.

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Parcelbound offers premium package forwarding services delivering USA stores products to more than 90 countries in the world. Obtaining you Sweaty Betty product is no more an impossible task as all you are required to do now is to choose your favorite Sweaty betty outfit and to have it delivered to your address, go to the site and follow instructions to become a member. You will be forwarded a US address on which you can have your selected product delivered from the site. Through the given address, your product will reach Parcelbound who will then safely and securely forward the product to your designated address at the earliest in amazingly low rates compared to other parcel forwarding companies.

So hurry up today and order your favorite Sweaty Betty outfit and enjoy the style and comfort of the product in your own personal sporty way.