USA Shopping

Buy Top USA Brands for Less with Parcelbound

International shoppers have always been intrigued by the quality of the products sold in the USA. The strict quality control measures implemented in the country are second to none. And this is the reason why you see people across the world flocking on the popular US based ecommerce websites to order their favorite brand.


However, one major complaint that the international shoppers have regarding these sites is the exorbitant international shipping rates being charged from them. Their disappointment knows no bounds when they compare the rates with local shipping charges to a US address, which are a mere fraction of the international shipping rates.


Parcelbound realizes this major flaw in the current ecommerce model and tries to address the situation in its own way. For those who do not have a valid USA address, Parcelbound offers them one, so that they can simply give it to the stores for delivery purposes.


Essentially, Parcelbound is an international package forwarding service that makes top US brands accessible and affordable to the international shoppers. Now, you need not worry about the mind-numbing international shipping rates. Your USA shopping experience is made worthwhile with affordable package forwarding services from Parcelbound.


Let’s consider a case where you don’t avail Parcelbound package forwarding service. You placed an order for that exquisite Guess handbag from Amazon to be delivered on the birthday of your better half. Presumably, you are shopping during the Thanksgiving sales to avail the discounts on top notch brands. Now, when you add international shipping rates to your order, it will be very close to the actual list price of the bag. And when you receive your order, it could already be late; thus, defeating the very purpose of your order.


Now, let’s bring Parcelbound into the picture. They will not only receive your parcel, but also ship from the US to your actual address. So, you are just paying for the local delivery to the shopping site, which is also very fast compared to international shipping. Parcelbound will also ensure that you receive your shipment on your desired date (provided it is not beyond the capacities of the courier company) by passing on the necessary instructions to the courier company.


With Parcelbound, you shop from USA for your favorite brands with a relaxed mind knowing that you are in for considerable savings as well as ensuring the best quality products delivered at your doorsteps without any delay.