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Enjoy Premium Quality Lifestyle Brand with 525 America

525 America, besides being the dream of creator Robert Block is also today the dream of several others who like to dress up in style. 525 America is a youngster brand basically, although it caters to individuals of all walks of life. The brand is specifically associated with contemporary styled dressing, paired with trendy, comfortable, colorful and youth characterizing attitude. The new line of 525 America always uses the new in trend colors and unique patterns.

We all know that 525 America basically started off with knitwear sweaters that were considered at that time to fill in a void in the fashion industry, producing rich, thick and over-sized fashionable sweaters. Over the span of 30 years, 525 America has evolved into a worldwide famous brand known for its knit-wears offering women and kids wear along with home knitted accessories as well. [READ MORE]