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Parcelbound Launches New Coupon Service That Helps International Clients Save Money

Parcelbound launches coupons that will help clients all over the world save money when shopping in the USA.

On January 20th, 2014, Parcelbound, a US-based international package forwarding company, will launch the new coupon service that will be available to all new and existing customers immediately, on the official website. This is comprised of five types of coupons aimed at helping the clients save money on various services that Parcelbound offers.

The types of coupons that will be available are:

  • Issue Credit on Account: this coupon can be used in order to generate credit to a user’s account. The amount deposited can be used for any of Parcelbound’s services.
  • Shipping Cost Discount: just like the name suggests, this coupon will generate discounts that will be applied to the client’s shipment cost. Customers can choose between a percent discount (for instance, 10% off shipping) and a flat fee discount ($10 off shipping).
  • Personal Shopper Order Fee: this coupon designed for clients that place orders through Parcelbound’s Personal Shopper service. When using the coupon a discount (a percentage of the order’s value or a flat fee) will be immediately applied.
  • Waived Membership Plan Fees: by using this type of coupon, any client that is currently using one of Parcelbound’s membership plans can waive it immediately. Ideal for frequent shoppers, the coupon allows them to save the money on monthly or annual membership plan fees.
  • Waived Sign-Up Fee: when such a coupon is available, the client can use it in order to avoid the sign-up fee (payable upon opening a new account).

This coupon plan has been thoroughly researched and is based on client reviews and suggestions. Parcelbound is confident that the new coupons cover all the needs that a client may have when it comes to international package forwarding and that they will help all clients save money and thus be able to afford more items. [READ MORE]