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Parcelbound Bound to Lower Your Shipping Costs

USA shopping scenario is heating up these days, thanks to the falling dollar value and the recent turmoil in the global economy. Suddenly, what seemed to be a luxury a few months back has transformed into an affordable necessity, and the international borders are being made redundant by the internet to help you get an international shopping experience from the cozy comfort of your homes.


Unfortunately, the international shipping rates are still on a higher side. So, if you are planning to order an original Apple laptop from a US ecommerce website, be prepared to shell out good money to get it delivered at your doorsteps. Or be intelligent and hire an international package forwarding company, like Parcelbound, that will give you a valid US address and have all your packages received at this address ship from the US to your home country.


Package forwarding companies have been around for a few years now. However, Parcelbound gives you the luxury of USA address without actually residing in the country or coming over for a visit. You can simply place the order on a shop from USA, and give your Parcelbound USA address. What will it do?


(a)  You won’t be charged the expensive international shipping rates by the storeowner. The local shipping rates will apply, which are a fraction of the international rates.

(b)  There is no need to wait endlessly, as your package will arrive at your Parcelbound USA address as local delivery, which takes a lot lesser time than an international courier.

(c)  You can further save money by consolidating your packages and have them delivered to your destination country in a single parcel. This is an excellent way of saving few extra dollars, as there is always something, the delivery of which you can wait for a few more days, so that multiple packages can be clubbed forming a single parcel that will be an inexpensive option compared to the individual expensive parcels.

(d)  Most international package forwarding companies, including Parcelbound, offer multiple packages to suit customers with varying requirements.

(e)  You will have complete access to your account online, which will give you all the information about the incoming and outgoing packages at your Parcelbound US address. You can also track your shipment from your USA address to your actual address.

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