Applying to a United States university from overseas and need to send documents?

How It Works

Ship in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 : Select your shipment type

You have the option to ship documents or packages to the USA university you are applying to from the comfort of your home.

  • Send Transcripts
  • Send College Applications
  • Send Care Packages
  • Etc.

Average Shipping Costs *Fuel Surcharge Included:

  • 0.5 kgs = $25.12 USD
  • 1.0 kgs = $30.15 USD
  • 2.0 kgs = $35.20 USD

View more shipping costs by using our international shipping calculator.

To use the international shipping calculator, select your country (e.g. China, India, Hong Kong, etc.) on the Ship From pull-down menu and enter in the weight and dimensions of the document you are shipping to view your shipping costs.

Step 2 : Select your "shipping from" and "shipping to" addresses

After selecting your shipping from and shipping to addresses, you have the option to either drop the shipment off at a DHL location near you or schedule a pickup to have DHL come directly to your home, so you never need to leave the comfort of your home.

Drop Off

Schedule Pickup

Step 3 : Print out your shipping label

Once you submit your shipment online, you will then be able to print out the
necessary documents needed for the shipment.

That's sit back, relax, and start concentrating on what's important - Studying! :)

Save up to 75%
Shipping Costs