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8 Things to Look for When Choosing an International Package Forward Company

The restrictions of various online sellers of not delivering your products to your required destination can leave you frustrated. However, with the international package forward company you can buy anything from nearly anywhere without worrying about the country delivery restrictions. Before you choose an international package forwarding company you must be aware of the following things to make the right decision:

  • Membership Plans: A company should offer membership plans for all kinds of users such that everyone can enjoy the services of international package forward company to its best. For frequent users a yearly or monthly plan should be there and for once in a while, users a free membership should be there. This is because a frequent user may spend some bucks every month, but a less frequent user won’t spend a lot of money on initial registration.
  • Tracking Service: The facility to track your package is really satisfying since you can know at all instants where your package has reached. You get a unique tracking number for your particular parcel and it can be entered on the website to track your parcel.
  • Shipping Rates Calculator: The best package forwarding companies let you find shipping rates instantly by entering the weight and/or package dimensions along with your destination. The companies who offer you a choice of different courier services (FedEx, DHL, USPS Priority, USPS Express, etc.) would give a list of rates for each carrier along with the delivery time and the rate.
  • Account Security: The internet security threats are increasing daily and you cannot take the chance to try every other package forwarding company without finding out if they have taken enough security measures or not. Renowned package forwarding companies will always specify an encryption method they use to make sure their members enjoy risk free package delivery services.
  • Number of Countries Covered: The more the successful a company is the greater would be its network worldwide. There are international package forwarding companies that ship to more than 200 countries even.
  • Personal Shopper Experience: Those who are looking forward to save themselves from the hassle of handling their packages online are always looking for personal shoppers. Thus, a package forwarding company should always offer a personal shopper facility to make sure their members can shop at their ease.
  • Facility to Change your “Shipping to” Address: An ideal international package forwarding company would let you change the international “shipping to” address for every shipment. This can be handy for sending gifts to family and friends residing in different parts of the world.
  • Shipping Information: International parcel forwarding companies have to abide by the customary rules of every country. For this reason it is ideal that a company should provide a list of prohibited items to a particular country on its website so that its users can save themselves from any trouble later on.

These are just the basics a good international package forwarding company should offer but there can be further benefits like some percentage of shipping charges saving on a particular kind of membership etc. [READ MORE]

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US to Australia shippers – Buy Auto Parts from US online

The US is the home to some of the biggest business organizations in the world. Manufacturing is a huge sector in the country and manufacturers of different goods and products such as automobiles, electronics, apparels, cosmetics etc. are present in the US. Some of the biggest names in the world of automobiles are located in the US. The automobile parts manufactured in the country are not only regarded as of great quality, but they are also very affordable. There is a huge demand for auto parts manufactured in the US in countries around the world, including Australia. If you are willing to purchase auto parts online from US retailers online, you will need the help of US to Australia shippers like us. [READ MORE]