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Parcelbound Adds New Features to Website

Posted on May 24,2013 by Admin

ParcelBound, a parcel forwarding service that helps international customers save money, recently unveiled exciting new features for its website. These changes will provide customers greater control over their purchases through the ParcelBound site.


Based in New Jersey, ParcelBound allows international customers to use an American address when shopping online. Purchases are shipped to the assigned address where they are then forwarded to the customers’ international location. This allows international shoppers to purchase from some of the most popular websites.


With the recent updates, ParcelBound customers can now enjoy the following benefits:


  • Choose from a variety of shipping options for each international shipment. These shipping providers include DHL, FedEx, USPS Priority, and USPS Express. Shipping carrier options can be changed on a user’s ParcelBound account.
  • A new price comparison page allows customers to see prices from multiple U.S. sellers for the same product. This price comparison page will help customers quickly find discounts and special offers on items.
  • Enhanced control will let customers edit and update item information for customs declarations forms and change “shipping to” address. The latter will be especially beneficial to those customers wishing to occasionally send items to friends and family.


“We are grateful for every customer we have,” ParcelBound’s Jason Williams says. “If it wasn't for their support and dedication to ParcelBound, we wouldn't be able to implement such great new features to the website. We listen to our customer requests, and we make it our priority to put our customers first.”


ParcelBound allows international customers to enjoy low prices on American shopping sites like Amazon, Zappos, Macy’s, eBay, and more, without paying exorbitant international rates. Once items are received at ParcelBound, they are consolidated into one package when possible, checked to ensure all items are included, and shipped inexpensively and quickly.


For customers who encounter difficulty using international credit cards on American websites, ParcelBound has a solution. Called “personal shopper,” this service allows ParcelBound to pay for the item and recoup the cost from the customer, with a ten percent fee ($10 USD minimum).


ParcelBound offers two membership plans. The silver membership plan charges no monthly fee and only a one-time $5 USD setup fee. This membership plan gives members access to ParcelBound’s savings on international shipments, tracking information, personal shopper service, and more. For a more intensive plan, ParcelBound charges a $10 USD monthly fee with a one-time $5 USD setup fee. This paid plan adds the ability to have shipments consolidated to save money and control the shipping schedule of shipments.


As ParcelBound continues to grow in popularity, the company will always put customers first, listening to suggestions to make enhancements. By giving customers the ability to choose shipping methods and compare prices on individual items, ParcelBound believes it can help customers save even more money. For more information on ParcelBound, visit its website at