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Parcelbound Set to Launch Website for International Customers

Posted on February 29,2012 by Admin

Parcelbound, a U.S. start-up is all set to launch its state-of-the-art website to cater to the growing demand from international customers regarding access to and management of their U.S. shipping address online.


With ecommerce in the country growing at an exponential rate, it was just a matter of time that international buyers flock the U.S. market and order quality products at discounted prices, especially during the year-end sales, which are popular internationally for heavy rebates on branded products. The only hindrance for the international shoppers was a valid U.S. shipping address, which many ecommerce portals require due to either the absence of international shipping arrangements or the high-priced shipping costs to several countries.


Explaining the concept, the senior marketing manager of Parcelbound said, “The world is glocalizing fast, and the shipping barriers cannot prevent those who can work around these prohibitions legally and avail the benefits of ecommerce without any geographical restrictions. We provide a valid U.S. address to our customers across the world; who can then, use it to request shipping at the local rates. Earlier, if they wanted their favorite brand item or an irresistible Amazon deal delivered to their doorsteps, the high international shipping costs were a massive dampener.”


“Now, they’ll simply pay local shipping rates, and can even avail free national shipping offers from the online stores. We will collect their parcels and packages and forward them to the original address of the customers. The entire process will save them up to 75%+ of the shipping charges, which they otherwise had to pay, if not for Parcelbound.”


The website is intuitively designed for the customers, who can track their shipments and monitor what’s coming and going out of their Parcelbound supplied U.S. address. There are different plans with varying shipping discounts on offer depending on the specific requirements of each customer. Parcelbound also entertain requests from the customers to consolidate their packages, which will save them more money.



About is coming soon! Through its website, the company will serve its international customers with cheap and reliable package forwarding services. Parcelbound has the goal of emerging as one of the industry leaders that will thrive on the quality of service it will offer to its customers, irrespective of the volume of business received from their respective customers.