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International Shipping from the USA to Armenia

Armenia Shipping from the USA using your own USA Address to Shop USA Stores

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Armenia Shipping from USA using your own USA Address to Shop USA Stores

Buy all your favorite items from the USA and ship them to Armenia.  You can find items that you would normally not find in Armenia and with the Parcelbound services we would provide you with your own USA shipping address to buy your favorite items and package forward them to you in Armenia.





Shipping Rate Information

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What costs more to Ship?

A heavier smaller box with a tablet or a lighter large box with inflated balloons

= W x H x L

Actual weight
Dimensional weight
Billable weight
The answer will surprise you, but it is the lighter large box with inflated balloons. The reason is because of something called dimensional weight. This is the weight that is calculated based on the length, width, and height of the box. Shipping carriers like DHL and FedEx use the dimensional weight to accurately charge shipping costs for boxes that are over-sized because these type of boxes tend to take up more space on their trucks and airplanes.

Depending on the shipping carrier, a dimensional factor of anywhere between 139 - 200 is usually used to calculate this dimensional weight. Here is an example of how this would be calculated.

Box dimensions ( L x W x H): 14 in x 12 in x 10 in = 1,680

1,680 / 139 = 12.1

So in this example the dimensional weight of this box would be 13 lbs; since shipping carriers always round up to the nearest pound.

Helpful Tip: USPS is one of the few shipping carriers that do not charge based on dimensional weight.
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